Publicado el: 12/06/2012

PERAJ: University Students Tutor Primary School Children to Aid in their Development

This Project is being carried out in the City of Buenos Aires and in the cities of Santa Fe and Bariloche. 50 young students from public and private universities and schools are part of the program, as well as 50 vulnerable children from private schools as well as schools that are part of the Jewish Educational Network. Vulnerable in social or economic terms, or within their own families, these children benefit from the close bond they create with their tutors.

This program is sponsored by the Embassy of Israel, the Dirección General de Educación de Gestión Privada (National Administration of Private Schools) and has the support of the Dirección Nacional de Juventud de la Secretaría de la Nación (DINAJU, National Office for the Young) and of the JYPI (Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute) of the Jewish Federation in Washington.

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