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LEARNING AT HOME (HIPPY): A Program aimed at Strengthening Child Development at Home

HIPPY aims to imporve educaional outcomes for children in vulnerable households, strengthen parent-child relationships, and reinforce the role of parents as educators. HIPPY- Home Instruction Program for Parents of Preschool and Youngsters- this program functions and has yielded results in more than 12 countries, and for the past two years in Buenos Aires in a joint initiative of AMIA and the city’s governemnt.

HIPPY, learning at home, started in April of 2011 in 3 “villas de emergencia” of Buenos Aires by AMIA in collaboration with the GCBA (Buenos Aires governemt).

The Social Development Ministry selected three CPI (Centros de Primera Infancia), or daycares, located in three different neighborhoods of the city. These centers attend to a population of high social vulnerability.

Previously, towards the end of 2010, each center selected a group of mothers who would serve as mentors with special training from AMIA.

Having recruited 60 familes to join the program (exclusively families with four year old children for this first stage) the prject implementation began with home visits by the selected mothers.

Today, the educational psychologists continue helping families by paring them with tutors while also supervising the work through AMIA’s monitoring. 

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