Publicado el: 27/12/2011

Hannukah and Memory

The “Monument in Homage of the Victims of the Terrorist Attack against AMIA of July 18th, 1994” is a place filled with light and memory.

This Monument, located at AMIA’s courtyard, has turned into the space where the 85 victims of the terrorist attack and their memory are honored. International and local authorities on visit pay respect to them, as well as groups of children and youngsters or tourists visiting AMIA’s building, strengthening the commitment towards memory and the demand for justice.

After the terrorist attack, it took over four years to build the new headquarters of AMIA, where all the activities that used to take place in the destroyed building would be resumed and expanded.

Understanding that the opening of the new building would be a very important moment, filled with symbolisms for the families of the victims as well as for those who had to return to work and for the whole society; the Israeli artist Yaacov Agam was invited to create a piece that would express all these messages to be exhibited inside the building and.

The art installation of this Monument that Agam created was displayed for the first time in his presence in 1999 at the opening of the new reconstructed building of AMIA, on Pasteur 633.

While walking around the installation, the observer becomes the main character because the colors and shapes transform into changing images, making out the different silhouettes of the piece.

During the celebration of Hannukah this Monument also turns into a Hannukiah, the chandelier of this festivity, adding light to the piece that symbolizes the fight against terrorism and expresses the continuous fight of the Jewish People for truth, justice and peace. 

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