Publicado el: 27/12/2011

AMIA’s Valor Program: CSR Practices in the World of Small Companies

To many, CSR is just a “luxury” only big companies can have. The reasons? They have the Human and Economic Resources to take action and develop responsible policies. Notwithstanding, there are many initiatives that aim at banishing this false belief.

Such is the case of AMIA’s Valor Program, with functions supported by the IADB (Inter American Development Bank) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), and that aims at promoting responsible practices in small companies that are part of the value chain of big companies.

Its objective is to increase competitiveness and market opportunities for small and medium size companies and to disseminate Corporate Social Responsibility practices in our society, especially in small companies. It also aims to implement them in those parts of the value chains of bigger companies. The program has a national reach and the regional support of Latin America. It works on all aspects of CSR, both in terms of corporate government and the internal structure, as well as external stakeholders and environmental management. 

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