Publicado el: 27/12/2011

AMIA’s Employment Service Becomes the First Service of Its Kind with ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management

This certification guarantees service with a high standard of excellence both to companies and organizations that request Human Resources and also to workers receiving advice and training. Audits were carried out by IRAM, the prestigious and leader entity in terms of Quality Control.

Ernesto Tocker, the Director of AMIA’s Employment Service and of the CSR VALOR Program pointed out, “We wanted to be the first in Argentina with this kind of certification”. To this end, “we went all the way as mandated by the norm. This included the formalization of our processes, the measurement of customer satisfaction, the creation of a formal procedure for the reception and processing of claims and a set of indicators and proposals of improvement that make us raise our standards year after year”.


AMIA’s Employment Services aim at offering quality services that cover the need of companies in terms of Human Resources Management. This is why the Headquarters reflect this objective through action with the certification of the quality of our search and selection processes. And to ensure that those who seek to improve their labor situation also receive the best possible services, we have also certified our counseling and advice services in terms of job search.


AMIA’s Employment Service is the biggest network and the most widely recognized in Argentina, with over 650.000 candidates in its database and over 15.000 companies that have already hired its services. Services are free of charge for candidates, and open to the whole society, with no prerequisites. It has a national coverage, with 13 offices located in the main urban centers of Argentina, where AMIA has partnered with local institutions and organizations.

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