Publicado el: 26/12/2011

Minister of Labor States AMIA’s Employment Network was a Reference for the National Administration

Carlos Tomada, Minister of Labor, highlighted the role of AMIA’s Employment Service and asserted it was a “very important reference for the design and creation of a public network in Argentina”.

During the 4th Annual Dinner organized by AMIA, Minister Tomada stated that “Argentina was one of the few countries with no state employment service and it has created it in the last six years”. “We have used (AMIA’s Employment Network) as a very important reference due to their experience in the design of a network of public services”. He also added that “they have been working for many years with AMIA’s Employment Service because their job has generated a synergy of the public and private spheres” and that “public policy with the intervention of NGOs – AMIA in this case – has been very important in terms of training and intermediation for the unemployed to be able to enter the labor market”. 

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