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Santiago Kovadloff

The nearly liturgical bliss of thought A philosopher worried about the human condition

Philosopher, essayist, writer, poet and translator. A graduate from the School of Philosophy of the University of Buenos Aires, he is an Honorary Professor of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; a Numerary Member of the Academia Argentina de Letras and a member of the Tribunal de Ética de la Jewish Community in Argentina.

His PhD thesis was called "El oyente de Dios" and it was about Martín Buber’s philosophy. Buber and Emmanuel Levitas are Kovadloff’s reference when it comes to his Jewish vision of the world. Kovadloff believes that Judaism is a teaching approach that lets us know that the words do not account for reality, but this fact only becomes apparent through words.

He lived in Brazil for several years, and this experience allowed him to acquire a very good command of Portuguese and the possibility to translate huge poets in that language, especially his admired Fernando Pessoa and all his heteronyms.

The author of numerous pieces as "La nueva ignorancia", "Lo irremediable” or "Ensayos de intimidad", he has always been mad about literature that dealt with ideas. He received the 1992 National Literary Award of Argentina in recognition to his poems and essays.

A co-founder and member of the "Conjunto de Música de Cámara y de Poesía Tomás Tichauer" and of the "Trío Babel de Música Klezmer y Poesía", he practices the ceremony of word and the art of eloquence and he privileges the public musical reading of great poets.

Santiago Kovadloff was born in Buenos Aires in December 1942. 

Source: "Jewish Life in Argentina: Contributions for the Bicentennial," coordinated by Magdalena Faillence.Curatorial Project, content and production: Elio Kapszuk - Ana E. Wainstein

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