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Jorge Guinzburg

He created, directed and starred in over twenty TV shows. A sharp humorist who stirred up radio and television

He was a journalist, a humorist and theatrical producer, television and radio presenter. Since its debut in 1986, "La noticia rebelde"  became a cult program which achieved high ratings. His comments in “La noticia rebelde” were subtle and witty, and the changed the rules of the game of television.

On radio, Guinzburg created over twenty programs, among them “En ayunas”, with Carlos Abrevaya, "El ventilador" and "Vitamina G". For theatre he created, directed, produced and/or starred in several plays. He also wrote for the renowned magazines “Satiricón” and "Humor". He was also the scritpwriter, together with Héctor García Blanco of "Diógenes y el linyera" a comic strip published in “Clarín” newspaper.

His witty interviews were his most widely admired assets and granted him the name of "enano maldito" (literally, damn midget), because he was very short and relentless when it came to asking whaterver was necessary.

Throughout his career he received numerous national and international recognitions, such as the Platinum Konex as the best presenter of the decade (1991/2000),  the Martín Fierro in several opportunities, the Media Award of Spanish television, the Clio, the Gold Medal in Cannes and Nueva York, and the INTE 2003 Award in Miami.

He had been born in Buenos Aires in February, 1949 and died in March, 2008. The TV channels TN, Volver and Channel 13 showed a black ribbon on at the top of their screens to honor him the day he died.

Source: "Jewish Life in Argentina: Contributions for the Bicentennial," coordinated by Magdalena Faillence. Curatorial Project, content and production: Elio Kapszuk - Ana E. Wainstein

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