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Bernardo Kliksberg

In defense of an economy committed to ethics. He created a new discipline: “Social management”

A sociologist and economist, his area of expertise eventually became Poverty in Latin America.

One of his teachers at the School of Economics of the University of Buenos Aires was Alfredo Palacios, a socialist leader whose ideas had a big influence on Kliksberg. From that point of view, which was alsos influenced by biblical prophets, his contribution to administration sciences has basically been giving them a twist towards solidarity in public policy and management and the inclusion of ethics in the economical and social analyses.

He is a pioneer in new areas of thought about development, such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and many of his books are basic literature in numerous universities. He expresses his ideas through pieces whose very titles express his particular vision, like the one he recently published in collaboration with the Noble Prize Amartya Sen: “The People First”.

Kliksberg founded and ran the Inter American Initiative on Social Capital, Ethics and Development, sponsored by the IADB. He is a Main Consultant for the Latin American section of the UNDP, and a Special Advisor for the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, IADB, OAS and the MERCOSUR.

Among his countless recognitions, he was awarded the Civilian Merit Order by the King of Spain in 2009 and he was also awarded by the University of Buenos Aires in 2009 for his Outstanding Professional Career.

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1940.

Source: "Jewish Life in Argentina: Contributions for the Bicentennial," coordinated by Magdalena Faillence. Curatorial Project, content and production: Elio Kapszuk - Ana E. Wainstein
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