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Boris Spivacow

The crazy genius of a refined and popular publisher.

He was a crazy genius who pulled off unbelievable things such as publishing the “Martín Fierro”, illustrated by Castagnino, and selling 170.000 copies in three months. A learned and charismatic publisher, sustained by courage, passion and conviction, Spivacow founded the Centro Editor de América Latina through which he published thousands of titles and millions of copies.  

Prosecuted by the successive military dictatorships and even though his books were confiscated and burnt, he kept on publishing and distributing them all over the country. Those books had a place in the bookshelves of the teachers and the youngsters of the sixties and seventies.

He had an original idea that many enjoyed later: publishing an illustrated booklet released together with a book. This favored the possibility of selling them in newsstands at popular prices. That is the form in which the history of Argentinean literature was published in 1967.

One of Spivacow’s features, besides his strong will and creativity, was the tolerance with which he ran his company, where freedom of speech was guaranteed. He still paid the salaries of those employees of his who had been imprisoned and, when one of his employees was kidnapped, Spivacow walked through police stations and detention centers for hours even though it was not his duty. He was not an adventurer, but he always took risks for political reasons and to defend the economic destiny of his publishing company with each new project.

He was born in 1915 and died in 1994. His name is engraved in the square of the National Library.

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