Publicado el: 15/11/2011

Kosher Buenos Aires

The area of Turism of Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires has created the program “Kosher Buenos Aires”, aimed mainly at further encouraging the visit of those tourists that are drawn to the city thanks to its vast gastronomic offer under the laws of kashrut.

The Kosher product Club groups an important amount of 4 and 5-star hotels, restaurants, tourist agencies, nonprofit and profit organizations related to this segment.

The tourist who arrives through the program will be able to choose among several hotels that are part of it. To be part of this club, these hotels abide by certain mandatory requirements, such as available rooms in the lower floors, with a timer, access to these rooms with an alternate system to that of the cards, kosher breakfast, etc.

During the last few years, Buenos Aires has had a sustained increase in the production of kosher products. The local market of this kind of food and drink amounts to 25 million dollars year because they tend to both the local and international demand. The importance of the local community is accountable for the strong bonds with communities abroad, which generate an important flow of visitors to our capital city.

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