Publicado el: 07/11/2011

Big Party at AMIA for Children’s Day

Over 300 people decided to celebrate Children’s Day at AMIA on August 28th. The celebration, organized by AMIA for Kids, began with a team of 15 people in charge of organizing puppet, toys and instrument building workshops with recycled materials.

The children and their families took part enthusiastically and took their creations home. Besides this, the whole group built a scarecrow and filled it with beautiful messages written by the children. The scarecrow was then donated to the Fundación Huerta Niño, present at the event.

After these activities, the families headed for the auditorium to enjoy the show "Esto no es Serio" (“This is not serious”), a wonderful, creative, fun and absurd play. It was an amazing afternoon, filled with creativity, solidarity and fun.

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