Publicado el: 07/11/2011

AMIA Commemorated S11 with the US Ambassador

A ceremony to commemorate the terrorist attack against the Twin Towers perpetrated in 2001 was held at AMIA on September 12th. It took place at the Plaza Seca, on Pasteur 633. Ángel Barman, AMIA’s Vicepresident and President in office that day and Vilma Socorro Martínez, Ambassador of the United States for Argentina, honored the victims with a flower offering.

Both authorities condemned international terrorism and emphasized the joint fight against it due both to the terrorist attack that took place in New York 10 years ago and the one suffered by AMIA in our country. “Let’s remember we are together in this fight towards building a peaceful future for the next generations”, the Ambassador expressed during her speech, and thanked AMIA for the support.

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