Publicado el: 12/07/2011

New Project at AMIA

AMIA has inaugurated de project “Incluir. Apoyo para un espacio educativo inclusivo” (Towards an inclusive education). “Incluir” is aimed at responding to the inclusive will of the schools part of the Jewish Education Network by providing all the support necessary for the development of integration projects at schools.

It is a joint initiative with the Area for the Disabled at the Social Programs Department and the Vaad Hajinuj Hakehilatí, and it has a multi-area team that provides support to schools for the implementation of inclusive policies for children with special needs.

Incluir’s team works in collaboration with heads, teachers, parents and professionals as facilitators for these inclusive practices.

Through a Support Team, it offers schools -  at no cost – the following services, among others:

·                     Technical consulting for the elaboration of their inclusion Project, together with the head team, parents, educational psychologists, classroom teachers and integrating teachers.

·                     Selection, training and follow up of the integrating teachers.

·                     Support to the classroom teachers, the school heads, the educational psychologists and the professional teams that care for the child.

·                     Assessment of the institutional and educational project, with the families’ perspectives in mind.

Also, parents receive free guidance to be able to access the services that the law mandates regarding these areas and any other area of their interest.

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