Publicado el: 12/07/2011

Highest International Award to Our Work Towards Memory

“Memory Shadows”, part of Ogilvy Argentina’s campaign for the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attack on AMIA, received two Lions at Cannes.

These awards, internationally recognized in the area, are a new recognition to the work being carried out to keep the memory alive through time, and to enhance its exercise and the demand for justice.

“Memory Shadows” aimed at installing on the roads real size figures with the faces of the victims of the terrorist attack, in the places where they had been before walking by Pasteur 633 on July 18th, 1994.

A few weeks before a new anniversary of this terrorist attack that murdered 85 people, the commitment and gratefulness to all the companies, media, organizations and people who, year after year, join in solidarity to help multiply the message, is renewed.

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