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Focus on Memory - 2011

As part of the initiatives aimed at exercising memory and demanding justice, AMIA is opening 3 simultaneous art shows in three different key points of our City.

llustrated Memory: Cartoons that are part of the show “Illustrated Memory. Cartoons to remember”, presented on July 7th at 7 PM at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junín 1930, open until July 31st. To access the digital version click here.

Argentina, July 18th, 1994:
 The exhibition comprises 100 photographs of the first minutes of the attack. The pictures belong to Julio Menajovsky, Daniela Java, Claudio Herdener, Eduardo Longoni. AMIA’s Marc Turkow Center, the newspaper Página 12, Argentina’s National News Agency, the newspapers Ámbito Financiero, Clarín, the news agency Noticias Argentinas. It is a book with 116 pages, as well as an exhibition which will be on starting Tuesday, July 5th at 6 PM at SIGEN’s Espacio Multiarte. Click here to access the digital version. 

Delivery of Post-its in the Main Corners of the City of Buenos Aires in Anticipation of a New Anniversary of the Terrorist Attack of 1994

"What should Argentineans never forget?” is the question behind this art space at AMIA, aimed at enhancing the memory of the terrorist attack suffered 17 years ago. The Post-its are self adhesive papers, generally used at offices to jot down quick notes in order to remember them later. This action is based on the idea that memory is a fundamental component of identity, because we also are what we remember and, as the handouts prepared to be delivered from Wednesday on say, “more memory means more future”. This message, stamped on 15000 Post-its will be handed out throughout four days at different spots in the Capital City. This action is aimed at enhancing memory of what happened on July 18th, 1994, but also at triggering off reflections of what things we should remember as Argentineans to build the collective memory that makes us a nation.

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