Publicado el: 12/07/2011

Attack on Oblivion

A new anniversary of the terrorist attack on AMIA will be remembered next July 18th. As every year, the challenge we face is to fight time and impunity.

This is why, in collaboration with Ogilvy Argentina a new comprehensive campaign was created aimed at further strengthening the exercise of memory for the whole of Argentina’s society, so that what happened 17 years ago is never forgotten.

Triggered by the concept “Attack on Oblivion”, there will be actions aimed at “bursting” into everyday life during the days prior to the commemoration ceremony, with different interventions on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines and through road publicity, guerrilla marketing, Internet, social networks, etc.

There will be a space for an “Attack on Oblivion” in different places, at different times. To pay homage to the 85 victims of the terrorist attack on AMIA, to keep demanding justices and to remember that this attack was not against the Jewish community but against Argentina as a whole.

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