Publicado el: 09/03/2011

AMIA ´s Employment Service opens New Headquarters in Santa Fe

New headquarters opened on March 2nd in the City of Santa Fe in association with the Enterprise Directors Association (ADE).

As part of the network that AMIA ´s Employment Services (SEA) has all over the country, people of Santa Fe province will have new tools and opportunities to improve their employment possibilities within their reach. And companies will have access to a service that will allow them to make the most of their human resources.

With a history of more than 35 years, and national coverage with 12 sites now, SEA’s job is to address unemployment through the development of tools that will open the labor market. Its mission is dual: on one hand, it offers assistance to whoever has employment issues and on the other, it increases the companies’ productivity by improving the quality of their human resources and implementing social responsibility practices.

600 thousand workers are registered to date in its data base, and 12 thousands companies and organizations use this service. Thanks to SEA’s management, 7 persons per day receive sustainable employment, 10.000 per year receive guidance and free job training.

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