Publicado el: 07/01/2013

A Community-Based Social Protection Network for the Poor and Excluded

As a social organization, AMIA is committed to helping people accomplish their full realization through the articulation between the civil society and the State. The Social Services Area aims at helping overcome poverty and exclusion and at promoting social rights in order to achieve full citizenship.

By Fanny Kohon

The urgency level of the situations that call for our intervention ranges from bare necessities to the need for processes that will promote the development of certain skills, social and labor reintegration. Through the services we offer at the Social Services Area and our articulation with State Agencies and the civil society, AMIA’s goal is to contribute to the compliance of the existing regulations, towards the ultimate goal of ensuring social rights for all citizens.

At present, the Social Services Center for Families serves 1.366 people: 578 family heads and 788 who share the heads’ household. AMIA’s policies are guided by the concept of Tzedakah (solidarity and social justice), with the citizen rights approach aimed at human development and social inclusion. Based on this new paradigm, poverty is no longer thought as just the lack of material means. Rather than this, the acquisition of personal skills that will enable a person to develop themselves in equality takes on a fundamental role in our processes.

With this in mind, the Social Services Area has a comprehensive approach towards the definition of our mission objectives, which include social protection, the development of skills and opportunities for the subjects of rights and the promotion of social inclusion.

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