Publicado el: 01/07/2013

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Promotion of ESCR

Through our “Programa VALOR. RSE + Competitividad” (VALOR Program, ESCR + Competitiveness), AMIA encourages big companies in Argentina to invite Medium and Small Companies in their value chain to join them and work together in areas of common interest that will improve relationships with suppliers, distributors and customers. This contributes to more socially responsible practices and a higher level of competitiveness.

By Fernando Passarelli

With the support and funding of IADB’s Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF-IADB), the Program implemented a total of 104 Improvement Plans in 52 Small and Medium Companies from 2009 through the first semester of 2012. The strategies aimed at the revision of values and strategies, as well as the assessment of the quality in the relationships they created with their key groups of interest.

The program, aimed at implementing sustainable good practices in the value chain, also promotes actions towards the promotion and compliance of ESCR. It is an innovative approach that promotes decent labor through the implementation of revision plans to improve work conditions. At the same time, it enables the development of eco-efficient plans regarding the use of strategic natural resources, as well as innovative management strategies to achieve optimization.

Everyday practice has shown that the lack of dialogue may lead to the loss of opportunities for improvement, and the absence of risk management may lead to significant loss for the company. The social investment favored through the Valor Program improves the company’s organizational skills, provides resources and abilities, and improves the performance standards.

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