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Active Aging and the Rights of the Elderly

AMIA has developed and promoted for over thirty years different cultural, recreational and social activities for the Seniors. The activities range from a network of clubs and Centers for the Elderly with over 2500 members, to training programs for gerontology assistants, training seminars for informal caregivers and a comprehensive care center attended by 500 people each month.

By Gonzalo Abramovich

The programs and activities are based on the “new gerontology” approach, which rationally plans for the healthcare of the elderly taking into account psychological and socio-cultural features of each stage in life. Institutionally, the aim is accompanying the changes our Senior population experiences through programs that consider their new needs and challenges as they age.

Through our Comprehensive Center for the Elderly, “Jofesh” (CIAM, per Spanish acronym) and the Gerontology Assistants Program (PAG, per Spanish acronym), AMIA aims at improving the quality of life and the active aging in its senior population who are socio-economically vulnerable or dependent. The two models of care are considered examples of good practices in terms of community care of vulnerable senior populations.

The different efforts allows to express the principles and values that guide AMIA’s work, while they contribute to the care and protection of the elderly, who are also subjects with rights in terms of participation, independence, social integration and dignity.

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