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The Argentinean-Jewish Cultural Heritage: Know It, Preserve It, Disseminate It

Since its establishment, one of AMIA’s main goals has been to promote the transmission of the traditions and millennial culture of the Jewish People in a comprehensive manner, in order to preserve them as our cultural heritage and disseminate them in order to make them part of the cultural heritage of the Argentinean People as a whole.

By Anita Weinstein & Sabrina Charaf

Besides the educational efforts deployed to this end, the Marc Turkow Documentation and Information Center on Argentinean Jewry was created in 1983. Its goal is to preserve the cultural heritage of the Jewish community as a specific ethnic-cultural and religious group, and to preserve the memory of the immigrants who joined the society along several generations.

Its mission is to carry out research, compile and disseminate any elements that will account for the Jews’ history in Argentina and for the particular cultural heritage that their presence has created, a heritage that is comprised of all the cultural goods that have in time become part of the legacy of historical memory and Jewish Argentinean cultural identity.

International Law protects economic, social and cultural rights, especially those related to the cultural heritage in ethnic and cultural minority groups. Even though the State should play a significant role in the protection of a shared cultural identity and in the implementation of public policy that will ensure the rights of these minority groups, it is in general the Civil Society Organizations comprised of these groups the ones that take on the job of promoting and ensuring continuity for their particular culture and traditions. 

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