Attack of July 18th, 1994

Because we have memory, we demand justice

Pasteur 633. July 18th, 1994. 9:53 A.M. A big explosion, followed by a huge cloud of smoke and dust, destroyed 85 lives, 85 stories, 85 families.

In seconds, it devastated the head office of the iconic Jewish organization in Argentina, and everything that surrounded it. Panic. Ambulances. People running. Shattered glass fell off windows and covered the streets. The cries from the crowd were a mixture of miracles and tragedies of destiny. Deaths by the dozen. Death. Death. Severely injured people carried to medical institutions. As a spontaneous reaction, hundreds of volunteers showed up to help, comfort, share the crying. The community needed to reorganize. The building on Ayacucho 632 began to function as the site where families met to seek information about the victims of the attack, as well as the head office of AMIA.

Soon, AMIA resumed its essential operations, especially those pertaining social services.

The community, in the midst of such tremendous pain, responded.
85 deadly victims. More than 300 injured. A building containing all of the Jewish history in Argentina destroyed. A wound that remains open till today.
The most horrible anti-Jewish act after World War II occurred in Argentina, on Pasteur 633.
It was on the 18th of July, 1994, at 9:53 AM.

“Vehigadeta Lebinjá...” “And thou shalt tell it to thy son… thy fellow man”
“...Ubajarta Bajaím...” “...And thou shalt choose life...”

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