Training Courses for Gerontological Assistants

AMIA’s Comprehensive Care Center for Adults provides gerontological training courses and seminars.

This course is intended for people over age 25 that have the Basic Education Cycle completed. Its objective is to train caregivers into Gerontology assistants.

This program has 13 years of experience and is accredited through the National Register and Assistants Required Gerontology of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires ( Law No. 1003 and Decree 1076/2005 , Article 18 as 574- Reg SSPEIS - 07).

Graduates of the course are placed as AMIA caregivers, increasing their chances of finding employment. Additionally, AMIA offers a job placement service for graduates to work as caretakers. The matchmaking service is completely free and aims to connect the patient with a certified caregiver to fulfill an important social function.

The Senior Area of AMIA also organizes a training program for Permanent Gerontological Assistants which intends to serve as a tool to improve performance as an elderly caretaker.

For more information contact:

4959-8815 / 4959-8800 (int. 8768 or 8813 )

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