"Jofesh" Senior Recreation Center

Senior Recreation Center

Jofesh, which means "freedom" and " recreation" , was one of the first clubs on Aging of the Jewish Community .

On average 500 seniors attend the recreation center each week. Services are provided to adults 60+ affected by different degrees of dependence; these services include therapeutic, cultural, and social activities promoting the elderly’s independence.

Therapeutic activities such as psychology , occupational therapy, music therapy , art therapy, and gymnastics are offered as well as a wide range of workshops such as folklore, yoga, tai chi chuan, theater, visual arts, gardening, games to help memory stimulation, and more.

Breakfast , lunch and snack are provided daily to participants.

Jofesh operates Monday through Thursday from 9-18 pm, Friday from 9 to 17hs and Sunday from 15-18 hours Uriburu 650.

For more information contact:

4959-8815    /    adultosmayores@amia.org.ar

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